Do you have a runner in your life? Are they on your gift list this year? Do you have no clue where to start? Have no fear………I’m here to help.

I’ve collect my personal favorites that are tried and true and use myself. I’ve also included special discounts for most items you can take advantage of, I mean who doesn’t like a deal.

Ready to shop? Here we go……

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Ever had your feet hugged? No!? It’s time to experience one. The new Balega Silver Socks are a runners dream. These socks are the best on the market and the only sock I will run in. In addition to the normal no slip, blister resistant perks of Balega’s, the Silver have additional features that bring the sock game to a new level.

  • Arch support bands for a snug fit, allowing natural foot movement and proper blood circulation
  • Antibacterial properties and performance
  • Full mesh panel for extra ventilation
  • Drynamix moisture management fibers keep your feet cool and dry
Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, Balega, Socks
Balega PRICE $15.00

Because reality is, we sometimes have to run errands after a run and last thing you want is your runner pal offending others in line at Trader Joe’s. Solution, take a road side shower or at least clean up as best you can with a MASSIVE Wet Wipe Epic Wips These wipes are HUGE! Safe, gentle, smell so good and are 100% biodegradable.

Epic Wipes PRICE $24.99 BOX OF 10
DISCOUNT: 20% Off With Code: FFG20
Code Good Through 12/31/17 SHOP HERE

Help your runner recover faster and more conveniently with Pain Cakes and literally “stick it to pain”. These babies stick anywhere and go nowhere and boy do they get cold!

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run
Pain Caked PRICE $12.99
DISCOUNT: 10% Off With Code: ultrarecovery10
Code Good Through 11/28/17 SHOP HERE

Temps may be cooling, but runners still need to stay hydrated on those long runs, Meet DolfinPack This pack transitions perfectly into summer whether you’re biking, SUP’ing, Kayaking, etc. I’ve used this pack on my 6 miles runs and found no irritation, no bouncing and no leaking! It’s very comfortable and holds a ton of water 1.5L without weighing you down. Designed for Men and Women.


Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, hydration pack
Dolfinpack PRICE $44.95
DISCOUNT: 20% Off With Code: INSPIRING20
Code Good Through 12/25/17 SHOP HERE

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run

Phone, Keys, Chapstick, ID, CC’d are some of the things a runner needs with them, where do they put it all? I have two solutions for you……

First Belcorva Tights! These beauties have 3 pockets. One on each leg and one in the waist band. The side pockets are deep enough to hold the biggest of phones safely and securely. The waistband pocket can hold your cards and car key. Along with the Runners Dream Shorts (5 pockets), these are in my opinion the best out there. (FYI, Jackets are coming Black Friday)

Belcorva Clothing PRICE $35.00-$43.00 (Gift Cards also available)
DISCOUNT: 10% Off With Code: IWR17 SHOP HERE

******BELCORVA DEAL UPDATE!!!!******

FREE JACKET With Purchase Of $100 (pre tax, pre shipping, while supplies last)
Use Code: freejacket (make sure jacket is added to cart after your $100 total)


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Keep your runner up to date with the latest training tips, shoes and inspiration and much more with a subscription to Runners World Magazine. They also have their 2018 Calendar that has beautiful pictures, upcoming races, training tips and Inspirational quotes.

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, runners world, runners world magazine

Runners World Magazine Subscription PRICE $25.00 for 2 Years SHOP HERE
Runners World Calendar PRICE $15.95 SHOP HERE

With many of us runners going at it solo, being able to have someone or something know our emergency contact is very important. RoadID has been the best gift I could have given myself. While thankfully I’ve never had to use it, I know medical teams would be able to contacted my family immediately simply by looking at my wrist.

With many styles and options you’ll be sure to pick something your runner will love. As a side note, they also have ID’s for children and pets.

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, roadid
RoadID PRICE $19.99 and UP
DISCOUNT: $10.00 Off $20.00 Purchase or More
Use Link HERE Expires 12/31/17

MUSIC! Who doesn’t love it? Some Runners can’t run without it. RockMyRun was invaluable to me when I first started running. I didn’t know what my cadence should be and with RockMyRun I was able to create playlist and change the Tempo to a cadence of 180. You can also have the music follow your steps or heart rate as well as track your activity.

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, rockmyrun, music
RockMyRun PRICE $35.99 Annual Subscription
DISCOUNT: $10.00 Off Subscription (Gift Card Form)  
Use Link HERE Expires 1/7/18


Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run

Hands Free……. two magic words to every runner. Your second option to allow your runner to have everything they need while running is SPIbelt. There are many similar brands out there and I have tried them and let me tell you, I wanted to rip them off and throw them into the bushes. Nothing is WORSE then constantly having to adjust or fuss with something while you’re running or having something BOUNCE! Uuuug

With the Large Pocket SPIbelt you can fit a large phone, car key, ID, Gels and several other items and if you need more space, SPIbelt has a Double Pocket option, which is my personal favorite. They also have belts with loops to hold Gels, Hydration options and toggles to hold your race bib to your belt, oh my!


Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, spibelt
SPIbelt PRICE $19.99 and Up
DISCOUNT: 15% Off With Code: selena2017
Code Expires 12/31/17 SHOP HERE

With the time change and still needing to get that Run in, and your runner needs to be kept as safe as possible when running at night. They not only need to be seen my cars, but they need to see where they are going.

Night Runner 270 are genius lights that clip to your shoes and light up your path up to 30 feet as well as make you very visible from front and behind with their back facing red light. Bonus, they’re rechargeable.

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, night runner, night runner 270
Night Runner 270 PRICE $59.95
DISCOUNT: 10% Off With Code FFG10
Code Expires 12/25/17 SHOP HERE

Dressing properly in the cold months is a fine science. Dress too light, you’re miserable, dress too warm, your miserable. Give your runner a fighting chance with this Insulated Run Vest from MPG. I’ve been wearing MPG’s jackets for several years and the Quality, Fit and Durability are top notch.

This Run Vest is insolated, moisture wicking, has shape recovery and 4-way stretch to allow your runner to move with ease.

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, mpg


MPG Run Vest PRICE $90.75

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run

Last two items on my list….

To go along with their RockMyRun music subscription and another way to keep your runner safe (I’m seeing a safety theme here) is with Aftershokz headphones.

I started wearing these when I began running with my dog. One, so I could hear cars as we had almost been hit a few times and two, so I could stay in tune with my dog. They are bone conducting technology, open ear design that allows you to still hear your music, but also hear everything around you. They simply sit on your cheekbones and are very comfortable and the sound is crystal clear! This particular model is TREKZ TITANIUM, but they now offer a smaller more compact version, the TREKZ AIR.


Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, music, headphones, aftershokz

AfterShokz Headphones PRICE $129.95

Nothing worse then sore tight muscles. Nothing worse then foam rolling, nothing worse then rolling on the floor on your wrist and elbows. What’s better, sitting and foam rolling. Pain? Can’t take that away, sorry.

The Roll Recover R8 is this nifty torture contraption that allows you to sit and watch your favorite show to distract yourself while you roll out those legs. Seriously though, it’s a great option to your standard foam roller and gets in deeper then you ever could with foam. The corrosion-resistant torsion springs provide adequate massage force and self-adjusts for different body sizes.

Gifts, Gifts for runners, runners, running, run, roll recovery, roll recovery R8, Foam rolling, foam roller

Roll Recovery R8 PRICE $119.00

And that wraps up my Gift Guide for 2017. I hope this has been helpful and I hope the runner in your life loves these items as much as I do.

If you have a favorite something, let me know, maybe I’ll do a review and share some of your favorite items.





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