About Me

HI! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. My name is Selena, I live in California, married and have two Fur Babies ūüôā I’m down to earth and don’t take myself too seriously as I’m sure you’ll¬†soon learn.

My Fitness Journey
Growing up I was not an active kid, other than the mandatory gym classes we had to take. So I did not grow up pushing myself or challenging myself to meet goals when it came to health and fitness and this of course rolled over into adulthood. I¬†was average weight, but never felt confident in myself or¬†how I looked. I would see women that were toned and fit and I wanted to look like them, but was too lazy to do anything about it. Over the years I would get a fire lit under me and would buy Workout DVD’s, join gyms or try some fad “diet” to get into shape and feel better about myself, but they all ended the same way, I gave up and I didn’t¬†want to put in¬†the work and push myself. This was a cycle that would go on for years and years.

When I hit my 40’s everything changed! I started putting on weight, it was much harder to get it off, was going up in dress sizes, body parts were “falling” and I started getting very lethargic. My body was changing and I couldn’t stop it. I again resorted to my cycle of buying DVD’s and healthy eating cookbooks, smoothie diets and we know how that worked out, it didn’t.

What Finally Worked
One night I was watching Bravo Network (guilty pleasure) and I saw the premier for a new show called Toned Up about two best friends Karena and Katrina that started a business centered around fitness and eating healthy. After one episode, I fell in love with these two girls. I started checking out their website and YouTube channel. I saw they had a nutrition plan and daily workouts, but knowing me, I knew what would happen, I would spend the money and then stop in a few weeks. Once the series was over I decided, what the heck, just buy the nutrition plan and see what happens. Joining the nutrition plan was the best thing I ever did. It educated me on how to eat healthy and kick started my fitness journey.

What Kept Me Motivated
Having people support you and having others look to you for support makes you accountable and¬†it’s what keeps me focused. Through the¬†Instagram Community that TIU created I have been given the support and encouragement I needed to start Running, to start this Blog, to set Fitness Goals and to finally realize¬†what I’m passionate about, helping others on their fitness journey.

What Now
My goal is to help others¬†find their Happy, their Joy, their Fire. I want to show others by my example and experiences that¬†it does not matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start. I waiting until I was in my 40’s, do I wish I started earlier, sure, but it wasn’t my time until now.

I believe 100% in setting goals, big and small, but Always Have a Goal. Don’t let fear, doubt in yourself or your abilities keep you from trying something new, you may just surprise yourself and learn you are capable.¬†Life is not going to stop, so don’t limit yourself and¬†miss out on new experiences,¬†on¬†new ways to prove to yourself you are strong¬†and opportunities to grow as person. Be that example for your friends, your family and those¬†little ones in our lives that so desperately need someone positive to look up to. You are worth it and you need to start making YOU a priority.




  1. Nicole Lloyd-Looman said:

    So proud of you Selena!!! The blog looks great!!!

    December 15, 2014
    • The Freckeld Fit Girl said:

      Thank you so much Nicole. You have been such a great support and I am so thankful to have you on this journey with me!

      December 16, 2014
  2. said:

    Well said my Dear, We love you Freckles an all….

    February 3, 2015
    • The Feckled Fit Girl said:

      Ahhh thank you Momma Cheryl. Love you too!

      February 3, 2015

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